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Hungry Frog Buggles
v1.0 Freeware Game

An arcade style freeware game for any PalmOS device running v2.0 or higher of the Palm operating system.

Stop bugs from polluting your frog pond and making it uninhabitable. Bugs are always trying to drop their poison eggs into your frog's pond, and you have to blurp out bubbles to stop the bugs and the bug eggs.

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One single Download includes:

Latin Language
Homeric Greek Language
Spanish Language
French Language
German Language
Italian Language
Math Arithmetic Game


- Math
- Latin
- Spanish / French
- Early Learning
- Simply Fun!

Learn by Java!

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PLEASE report bugs to: hungryfrog22 (at )

Hungryfrog Education Software Version History

Version 6007b beta to v6008a (posted 12/8/06)

Play Balance

Reduced penalty for incorect responses in early game levels.

Version 6007a beta to v6007b beta (posted 11/3/06)

Player Login

Fixed bug where new player logging it at game start (creating new user) could acquire score and level of previous player last logged into game at quit.

Version 6006c beta to v6007a beta (posted 10/30/06)

Internet Lessons

Added instant upload and instant download features for internet lessons. Now you can share lessons instantly and use all posted lessons even while they are pending final approval.

IMPORTANT: Internet shared lessons are now stored as encode binary files to save space and improve download and upload times and ARE NO LONGER COMPATIBLE WITH V6006 WEB LESSONS. Upgrade v6006 to v6007 to use the new internet based lessons and upload in the new format.

Import and Export of lessons to disk as .frog files remains unchanged and v6006 and v6007 lesson file formats are identical.

Lesson Picker - Player Menu

Added Instant Import of internet based shared lessons to the Player Menu | Lesson Picker dialog. Instant download and upload remain available in the Teacher Menu | Lesson Manager which should still remain your primary resource for lesson management.

Lessons moving from Language to Math Arithmetic and back

Repaired condition that sometimes resulted in apparent use of language game in spite of playing Math game.


Certain manu names and features changed for clarity.

Instant High Scores and Pending and In-Play High Scores

High scores are now available immediately on-line in the 'pending review' list and in-play high scares are recorded on occasion. You do not need to wait to see your high scores in the on-line lists. Final review will move them to the main list (to be refreshed periodically).


Implemented improved error trapping.

Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 6006b beta to v6006c beta (posted 10/25/06)

Bug Text Writing

Improved positioning of words and phrases as written on bugs.

Added new bug animations.


Further improved startup time and resource management to increase startup stability for first time installations.

Version 6005 beta to v6006 beta (posted 10/23/06)

Menu Changes / Additions

Game menus reorganized for clarity.

Student Manager Menu Added to Teacher Menu

- added remove students as well as manage student passwords

Example Usage:
You can now easily remove all students in preparation for a new semester.

Moved User Group Menu item and Check for Updates from File menu to Help menu

Renamed File Menu to Game menu

Removed unused menu items

Game Content Additions

Chemistry added as a built-in default 'language' resource

Added status bars monitoring startup progress and in-game sound downloads.

Background Images

Fixed crash if had no background images except 'MyImages' and switched to using default images only from using 'MyImages' preferentially.

Sound Play Errors Fixed

Fixed sound player so that the default 'hungry' sound always plays if a language sound is still being downloaded or is unavailable.

License Dialog Display

Fixed EULA form sometimes not showing as topmost window for first game start.

Menu Default Changed

The default for a new player and at game initialization is that the main menu is always shown. To hide the main menu, you must manually choose to hide the main menu using the advanced options dialog or from the main menu 'Hide' check box.


Fixed crash when on first start of program on a new PC the game crashes the first time it is run, but then runs correctly subsequently.

Fixed crash when at the first time the game is run after a fresh installation you choose MathArithmetic as the starting game.